About Me

HP Rev. Melita Moon

Greetings, it's great to connect.  

My name is Melita Moon and it is a great honour to share with you my greatest passions, honouring Goddess and the wisdom of the Ancients.  My goal is to assist with our remembrance and to empower.

I believe in and explore in great depth, our ability to heal ourselves through our connection with our Great Mother Earth.  Not only from the abundant riches She provides us with but also through working with energy.  I work towards truly learning to master it.

Further to that, I truly enjoy to work with and discover the mind.  It amazing how we can become so limited by our own perceptions.  When we are able to overcome these limitations we can truly reach a very Divine and spiritual place, and know no bounds.  

Board Member, Ordained Minister and High Priestess of Order of the White Moon in which I have studied, and am now sharing the White Moon Teachings with great honour.

A professional psychotherapist specialising in hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, meditation and NLP.

A Registered Master-Teacher of Ashati, whereby sharing the energetic activations and teachings of a deep and profound alchemical system.  

A mystic, Wiccan, channel, intuitive and healer.  I grew up in Sydney, Australia and now live in sunny Adelaide. Available to folks of all ages far and wide. May I be of service.

And so it is.

***Also I have a view to create online and local circles - enquire within***